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Gruppens Get It

Tonight we’re having dinner with the Gruppens.  They are planting a new church on the north side of Holland called LifeQuest.  They understand.  Do you have someone who understands?  They tend to be the person who doesn’t dilly dally with menial stuff when they know you’ve got something to talk about.  They know exactly what to ask at exactly the right time because the get it.  They know because they’ve been there, or are there presently.

Toby is the pastor at LifeQuest.  We see each other about once a month, but every once in a while we spend extended periods of time together.  We may go to a conference or a retreat.  Last year we went to a conference in Florida.  Not the best conference, but a terrific joint family vacation.

Here’s the thing I like about Toby and Michelle: because they get it, the know that we don’t want to have to hide struggles from them, they also know the kinds of things that are difficult for planter families, something else they know is that raising a family in the middle of our line of ministry can be a little tricky.  Newsflash: there can be stress involved in planting a church.

Tonight, Toby and Michelle will come over to eat a meal that Dana and I have slaved over.  We’ll enjoy a bit of time when all 4 kids are playing – that’s when we’ll get to talk.  And I know what will happen: Toby will ask some insightful question and we’ll be off.  Off to honest, authentic conversation where God is glorified.  All because the Gruppens get it.

For whom do you “get it”?  Can you cut through the crap and ask the real questions?  I love the Gruppens…they’re major crap-cutters.  Can I say that?  You’re not offended, right?  Good.  Thanks.  Go cut crap.

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