Only a matter of time before the sucker gets in the hair

Today it’s raining.  My plan: write, read, sip whatever Carol makes me at the Way Cup, stay dry, check with a friend to see if he can still help me paint my deck Saturday, walk the dog at lunch, write some more, read some more, get Alex off the bus, play with him, dinner, watch Survivor, go to bed.  My plans are pretty loose, and I’m not tied to many of them.

Here is my daughter’s (Madalyn) plan today: feed the dog, get dropped off at Michele’s (her daycare provider), play, go to preschool and learn about music, back to Michele’s, lunch, play, nap time, play, get brought home, play with the dog, watch some tv show that I already feel too old to understand, eat dinner, play, brush teeth, pray, sleep. 

One problem: as we approached Michele’s house, I realized that I had forgotten to grab her backpack for preschool.  Now, the backpack isn’t important to anyone but Bis (Bis is what we call Madalyn).  It’s not needed for carrying anything, but it makes little kids feel like their in big kid school.  Knowing Bis, I knew this had the potential for complete meltdown.  You never know what you’re going to get.  Bis…major drama queen.

Through my mind went 5-6 different ways I could break it to her…I must admit one of them was to let Michele break it to her.  I decided to go with the “guess what, then positive spin” plan.  She went for it.  Here was her response, “Oh.”  It was said with this in the background: “Dad, this was not my plan, but I’m game for a change.”

Whew!  Man, I’ll tell you what…if I could produce that response on a regular basis from her it would be a coup (brilliant and notable success).  I would be able to move forward predictably in all areas of home life.  If the prelaid plans in Bis’ head were malleable (capable of being shaped or formed) I could stop dancing around the enormous question mark that is the mind of Bis.

This morning, sitting in our messy, rain-beaten Pontiac Montana, God said to me, “See.  It’s not so tough.  A four year old can do it.”


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