Maybe you go to church.  Maybe at your church you talk about money.  Maybe you don’t.  A lot of pastors feel a little strange talking about money.  As we start a new faith fellowship I don’t want money to be a strange thing to talk about.  I want to be able to talk about how much we need to be in existence.  I want $ to be something we talk about with clarity and honesty.

A lot of churches like to hide how much each person is giving.  It’s a very American way of doing things.  After all…it’s none of anyone else’s business how much one person or another person gives.  Right?  …ehhh, I’m not completely convinced of that.

Doesn’t it make sense that people who follow Jesus and live together in authentic community would have all things in common?  That’s what it says in Acts.  That might not mean we have one checking account for everyone in the church, but it can mean that we are keeping each other accountable to how we live and use what God has given us to be stewards over.

As a pastor I don’t know who gives what.  I don’t want to know…I don’t want it to influence how I feel about or act toward others.  But it does make sense that we don’t hide that information from each other, too.  It makes good discipling sense to me that we could talk openly about all parts of life.  $.

$. What would a new church look like that was open about money.  One that taught about giving/tithing without using guilt or shame, but simply taught honestly.  What about a pastor who decided he or she was going to tithe and then some to set an example.  What about a pastor who told her/his church exactly what they made and gave each year and to what.  What would that look like?  Would that make a difference.  Would that keep us from being so worked up about $, or even keep us from being afraid of talking about where we’re at in our own story of stewardship?

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