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Beginning and End

Ray Weiss Accepting His Award

I saw two ends of a spectrum today.  I started with going to a dinner to honor distinguished alumni from Western Seminary.  One of the persons honored was Rev. Dr. Raymond Weiss.  There’s a long list of things he has done (pastor, missionary in the Middle East, professor, etc.).  Here’s how I remember him: he was a professor of mine at Northwestern College and more importantly a retired minister who gave me my “Piety” exam for East Sioux Classis.  Today I approached him and thanked him for the latter of these.  My thanks went something like this: “I never felt more loved and cared for by the classis than in the middle of those piety exams…thank you.”

Directly after the fancy schmancy dinner I walked to Western’s graduation…sorry…”commencement”.  Here well-trained, bright-eyed, big-planned, humble, excited, called, and gracious students became graduates of Western with a Masters of Divinity degree (which sounds absurd to master such a thing).  They are on the first few steps of the path that Ray Weiss is completing.

Why am I telling you this on a blog about planting a new church?  Because I hope that Embody can be a place where people learn how to finish well.  I hope that I will be a person who finishes well.  It’s one thing to follow Jesus…it’s another thing to follow him to your grave without straying from the path toward the end.  It’s a totally beautiful thing to walk closely with Jesus until the final breath and speak His name with my final exhalation.

Ray Weiss…he’s a distinguished alumn of Western Seminary.  He has a plaque for his wall now, but to me, the words on the plaque should read: A Long Obedience In The Same Direction.  Ray…I want to walk that way.  I want to show others how it’s done.  Thanks for leading the way.

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  1. May 11, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Nice work, bro. Really enjoy your blog. Gotta love Ray Weiss. Keep it up!

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