Baggy Pants

Today Alex gets to walk in the Tulip Time Parade.  All elementary school children get out of school to walk in the parade.  There’s a chance to go and rent a costume from the school.  It’s $5.  We got into the Dutch groove by finding one to borrow for free for the next three to four years thus saving us about $20.  It’s enormous on our little guy.  We’ll have to pin it up and roll it over and sinch it tight, but he’s excited.

Why not?  He gets to be a part of something bigger, something older, something that breathes fresh new air every springtime – energized by hundreds of eager 1st graders enjoying their first walk in a parade and by thousands of excited smaller brothers and sisters who get to look for their own personal celebrity walking in the parade.

A new church plant feels similar.  People who come get to be a part of something decidedly smaller, something new, something that breathes fresh air, and at the same time (in our denomination) something that is connected to something old and established…something time-tested, something with depth and an authenticity that can only come from being around a while.

Presently we’re wearing used pants: chairs, sound system, tables, Bibles.  We roll them up and pin them into place until we fit into them.  We do the same with the clothing Jesus gives us to wear: his way of life that doesn’t quite seem to fit…yet.  We are growing into his fresh new clothes of kindness, gentleness, generosity, love, faith and more.  One thing we fit into perfectly, though, is hope.  As we grow our hope starts to make faith fit into place.

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