Squeak Toy

My dog, Jack, has a favorite toy.  Squeak toy.  Of all the stuff we got for him to play with he likes it more than anything.  It fits his mouth and it squeaks.  It’s round and flat like a platelet so it doesn’t roll perfectly.  Instead it can take an occasional strange bounce and he has to adjust in his chase of it.  He loves to play fetch with it…all the time.

If he doesn’t know where it is he can get frantic.  He will spend inordinate amounts of time looking for it and sniffing all over to find it.  I buy him other little toys that aren’t slippery when wet and aren’t as nasty, but he will have nothing of them…he only has eyes for squeak toy.

I’m that way, but not with toys.  I am that way with my old way of life.  I only want to go back to sins that I used to enjoy.  God offers me new ways of living: life-giving, fun, positive things.  But I struggle against the positive new things God wants to do in my life.  I like the way my favorite sins squeak and how they fit just right and bounce just so.

A new church needs a new start.  Over and over and over and over.  For me and for everyone who comes in the door or becomes a part of our family at Embody.  I know how much Jack loves squeak toy and I still hope he loses it forever.  Kind of mean, I know, but I want him to enjoy something better.  God wants the same for me…and you.

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