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My Slow Indian Friend

John Paul Sundararajan is my Indian friend.  He’s from India.  We went to college and seminary together.  This morning we had coffee and he made a comment that helped me a lot.  He was talking about how he takes things slowly in regards to fundraising.  He’s not in the “business” to get tons of support.  He doesn’t raise funds, he builds relationships.  He knows that if he takes his time things work out how God has it planned.  He’s gotten good support from churches and friends because he’s taken the time to build relationships.

I’m encouraged by this because I feel like that’s me.  There is this small bit of anxiety I feel in being a church planter that says I need to push, push, push, ambition, drive, strategize, grow, explode…etc.  I feel pretty diametrically opposed to this…not because it’s wrong, but because it’s not me.  I feel like God will work out what will happen if I leave it to God.  The people God wants to bring and the money we need to be able to make it long-term will come in God’s timing.

John Paul (goes by JP) is slow about things (not that he’s slow.  I don’t want to sound like he’s mentally impaired.  That mixed with the fact that he’s Indian might make me sound racist or something…which I am, but not as much as most people…we’re all a little racist) and it works for him.  I think it works for Embody and for me.  I think God works that way, too, sometimes.  God’s timing…can’t beat it.

  1. JP
    May 10, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    You are awesome my friend! You made me laugh today!

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