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We’re planning a joint worship service with our parent church.  It’s a good idea.  It will give us some visibility in the area (having a ton of people there).  We’ll have a big meal there so we can invite anyone to join us.  We’ll put out a mailer to the area letting them know we’ll do an outdoor service that day. 

The details are the parts I do not like.  It is things like feeding a bunch of people (something I enjoy doing, but don’t like organizing) that get me crazy.  Fortunately, I had someone come to me and say, “If there are ever things you need organized, just call me.  I love that stuff.”  So that person’s an angel.  She probably sees me floundering in that area and wants to put me out of my misery.

So there is a dilemma.  Dilemma: an argument necessitating a choice between equally unfavorable or disagreeable alternatives.  It is this: do we find out what the rules are in the township for hosting that many people on the property, be up to code and put ourselves on the radar screen of the code enforcer type of people…or…do we ask for forgiveness instead of permission?

I think we’re going to ask for forgiveness.  We’ll get a couple port-o-potties to make it look like we know what we’re doing and hopefully keep people who know from making a fuss.

I’m a little conflicted over this.  Problem is this: if we invite the building inspector out to the area we are going to be in a world of hurt.  I am confident that he/she would find approximately one trillion little things we would need to do (all of which would cost money we don’t have).  So…port-o-potties.

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