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Dumb Chair

A Friday.  My Sabbath.  A day for ceasing; a day for re-creating; a day for rest; a day for doing the things that I haven’t given myself the chance to do; a day for not working on the things that are work for me.  I don’t trade emails, or answer the phone if I don’t have to.  I don’t work on sermons or study.  I stop for a day.

Today it was yardwork…definitely something I don’t do every day.  Not something I thought I would enjoy – something that would re-create me.  But raking, snipping, chopping…my Friday.  We got our table and chairs our from the basement.  Turned the patio into an outdoor living space.  The afternoon even held getting one of those swings put together.  You know the swings with the little canopy over it.

We call it the “dumb chair”.  My grandma wanted one of these when she was a little younger.  Grandpa kept saying they didn’t need one.  She kept at it and kept at it until, as they drove down the road the saw where these swinging chairs were for sale.  She said, “There are some of those swings”.  Grandpa pulling off the road into the store where they sell them: “Fine, go buy yourself one of those “dumb chairs””.  She didn’t.

We did.  And when we finally got it put together, I got to sit down next to Alex as he read a book about baseball.  We quietly swung.  I stopped, ceased, re-created in that dumb swing.  Beautiful quiet and rest with my boy.

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