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Work=Not Work

I’ve finally found a way to work that is not work.  The way I do my job doesn’t feel like work.  It feels like living my life, and enjoying doing what I’m doing.  First let me tell you what I do, then I’ll tell you why it feels wierd.

What I do:

  • take the kids to school or the Boogaart’s (Bis goes there). 
  • Then I’m off to the Way Cup Cafe where I set up shop and think through a sermon or a letter or blog.
  • At the Way Cup I chat up people who come in.  This very day I had a conversation about gardening with a lady I didn’t know.  Ends up she lives on the North side of Holland…I threw in a plug for my sister’s church up there.
  • Then I either go home to eat with Dana or walk Jack.  Or maybe I meet someone for lunch.
  • In the afternoon I tend to read or watch a movie or study more or get something done for the building or garden or walk Jack some more.  All these things are fodder for prayer, sermons.
  • I tend to do life and make life my work.  I am gifted to talk to people and start up conversations.  I hand out a lot of cards.  I build relationships.  I just act like myself and make it my work.
  • In the evening I have a small group or I take the kids to the park or I have a meeting or I meet with some guys to do guy stuff, or I spend time with my family, or I watch other people’s kids while they do a women’s small group, or I do yardwork, perhaps I just sit in my chair and pet Jack.

Why it feels wierd:

I’ve only experienced church where the pastor fits into a mold.  Wonderful mold for someone who was made to fit in that mold, but for me…horrible.  Here’s the mold: Prayer meeting 6am, breakfast with someone 7am-8am, in the office studying/praying from 8am-noon, meeting over lunch, hospital visitation 1pm-2pm, office 2pm-6pm, dinner at home 6pm-7pm, hurry for nightly meeting at church 7pm-9pm, home to kiss children 9:17pm, say hello to wife.

This is to be done every day but Sunday.  On Sunday you get a little more time at lunch.

Pastors burn out.  Especially if this is not the way they’re made.  I would die or quit. 

So, this feels wierd for me.  I’ve never seen it done this way, and I would quickly start to think that what I’m doing is wrong if it weren’t for a few things:

  • I feel faithful.
  • I feel healthy.
  • I see God working.
  • I know my bride and children.

I’m going to work this way and not feel bad about it.  In fact, I’m going to praise God that I’m in a place where I can be myself and where God wants to work through me this way.  If I say I value my family and don’t live this way…I don’t value my family. (note this is all personal…I don’t expect anyone else to live this way).  What I do expect is for the church to allow its workers to work in the way that God made them to work.  Forcing people into a mold just stagnates what God wants to do through people.  If he wanted us all to be automotons, he would have made us all that way.

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