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In our denomination (RCA) the Lord’s Supper is watched over by the local board of elders.  We don’t have a board of elders.  Technically, we do: First Church’s elders.  I’ve asked them permission to have communion on a monthly basis.  They say, “yah, of course”.  I smile.  That’s more than they have communion.  They obviously love us and want us to have our own identity.

We do things differently in communion.  They allow people to come to the table if they have been baptized and made a profession of their faith.  It’s a process that goes through the elder board.  We welcome people who put their trust in Jesus Christ and have faith in Him.  We don’t have membership.  This means we don’t have “control” over who is coming to the table.

I am working under an understanding that God desires to have union with his people, and this is one of the primary ways we have union with Jesus…through the Lord’s Table.  He feeds us and nourishes our faith.  We are somehow caught up into heaven with Him and with the communion of saints. 

I suppose some people might take issue with how open our table is.  Here’s what I know, however: I have someone who is intentional about calling herself a “seeker”.  She’s courting Jesus right now and is a very “spiritual” person, but doesn’t necessarily believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  Sunday she came forward and took part in communion.  We didn’t have a conversation.  Don’t know if things have changed for her or not.  But she is meeting Jesus and she knows that He is welcoming her to His Table and to a life with Him.  I pray that she comes to faith in Jesus Christ, and that the Table is a main way she comes to know Him.

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