Easter Art

We had previously decorated for Christmas with some material draping from the ceiling, and for Lent we had taken it down (slowly minimalizing things).  Now for Easter it was time to put a little pep into the room.  So I gathered with three people who were interested in beautificating the joint.

I had a little communication brain fart in the planning process, so we gathered at the building without a clear picture as to what we’d be doing.  This turned out to be the best thing for us.  We had: big pieces of paper, yellow paint, white paint, scissors, yellow and white tuling.  What to do?  We decided on a circular idea: one that would not necessarily be something specific.  It looked a bit like an eclipse to some, like an open tomb to others, a sunshine, or the tomb with all kinds of light shooting out from behind it while closed.  We hung them from the ceiling…cheery.

On the way out the door we thought it would be cool to put an enormous one on the wall.  So…I showed up with Brett VanderBerg (our Seminary intern) and put an gigantor one on the wall.  We’ll see how long it stays up.  One of the great things about a church plant is that nobody is worked up about how long something stays looking like it always did.  We can paint over the art and put up something new tomorrow, and it’s OK, plus…people know they are free to try new things.  Like New Life in Christ.

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