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What’s in a Name

One of the most paralyzing things in preparation for starting a new church was coming up with a name.  We tried a lot of ideas.  We came up with hundreds of names.  We asked our parent church to submit ideas.  I heard tons of great names, and tons of lame ones.  I really did laugh at some of the ideas we got.  Nothing seemed to fit. 

Finally a breakthrough came when we asked the question: what is it we want to be about?  Incarnation was the answer.  We wanted to be the very presence of Christ in the world.  Incarnation didn’t sound right: are we a breakfast drink or a mug of hot chocolate?  It wasn’t hard to make the move from Incarnation to Embody.  Granted it sounds a little like we are a funeral home, but once I heard it, I knew.  It was the right name for us. 

It will forever be a reminder and a calling.  If ever our church strays from what we are to be about…we will be hounded by our name.  If ever we forget whose we are…our name.  If ever we get things out of balance…Embody Christ Fellowship will be our name and will be our constant reminder and calling.

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