As this group of adventurers gathered together we talked about what we were going to hold up as values.  Values are funny things.  People use the word a lot, but don’t really mean it.  They may say they value something, but don’t live it out.  If this is the case, then it was never a value, but an aim.  Valuing something necessitates living it out.  You value what you live out, and you live out what you value.

In order to get a list of values for our new church we used a huge whiteboard and listed all the things that were important to us.  We asked the question: if you were looking for a new church, what would you look for?  We came up with dozens and dozens of things and found that they all narrowed down into these 5 categories:

  • Worship – welcoming, uplifting, creative and honest worship that focuses on Jesus Christ and the Word of God
  • Hospitality – making space for life-giving community to happen whether church-related or not
  • Service – ushering in the Kingdom of God individually and corporately; making this place more like heaven where justice, peace, and mercy reign
  • Faith – each person growing in the likeness of Christ through worship, service, and discipleship
  • Family – spouses, singles, children, parents, and church family becoming healthy and life-giving
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