There is a certain amount of stuff you need to start a church.  I guess if it’s a house church you need a house.  We didn’t start in a house, we started in a building.  So, we needed chairs, amplification, tables for eating, coffee maker, and little things.

We got a lot of things from our parent church (we still use their amplification system).  We got chairs from the seminary and from a funeral home.  We got a used coffee maker for 10 bucks.  We borrowed tables.  We were never fancy, and we like that just fine.  It was and still is very authentic to who we are.  Stuff doens’t make a church…the people do.

The great thing about a parent church is that they have a lot of connections and if there’s a need, you have a built in support system to gather things and resources you need.  What a huge blessing.  I can’t imagine starting a church without a great support like First Church.

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