Once we got the keys to the building (notice we try not to call it the “church” – the church is the people…the building is the place we tend to meet on Sundays) it was time to do some renovation.  The building was an office building.  At one point it had a garage bay that was turned into offices.  We tore out the walls they put up and essentially turned it back into a garage bay.  There’s enough room for about 100 people.  Well, 100 people who are very comfortable with each other.

We had a lot of help from our parent church, and after filling garbage cans and recycling a lot of metal studs we were ready for painting and patching carpet. 

One thing that’s important to us is this: we don’t want our space to be a god to us.  We want to use the space for gathering and worship.  We’re not overly concerned if someone spills or kids have fun.  The building is for our use, we don’t gather in order to keep the building perfect.  So, we feel free to paint on the wall when needed.  We made one wall to have a blackboard finish on the bottom so kids can respond to God through drawing during worship.

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