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First Things First: Meeting Lee

When I knew God wanted us to move to Holland, I started praying for one thing in particular: a worship leader.  Here’s how my prayer went: God, you know I don’t play an instrument.  God knows I tried, God.  You just didn’t give my fingers the ability.  That’s fine, but because of that you are going to have to pull through for us in a big way.  Here’s what I need: I need a guy (because I don’t need some wierd temptation thing with a woman), I need him to play well, I need him to have similar thoughts about worship as I do, I need him to be able to raise up leaders, I need him to be teachable, I need him to be honest, I need him to work for free, and if possible, make him this guy I heard about named Lee.

First person I met with when I moved to Holland was Lee.  Dana (my bride) had worked with his mom when we were in seminary and we knew he was living in town and very talented.  I sat with Lee for 45 minutes and told him what I was thinking.  After 45 minutes he said he was “all in”.

Come to find out that at the time I started praying for Lee, he was starting to feel God move in his heart to find a way to use his stupendous music skills in a more specifically ministry-minded way.  God worked both sides of the equation to equal an awesome partnership.

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