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Embody Building

Lamar Building

Lamar Building

Finding a place to worship was a challenge.  Because we are committed to a specific geographic area we were limited in places to worship.  Our location is a somewhat rural area.  Lots of homes, not many businesses or buildings.  There was one place that had the right feel and the right location.  It was a construction  business that had moved out of town.  It had been for sale and empty for 2 years. 

The story: every so often God speaks very clearly to His people.  I felt that regarding this location.  God said, “Have Mark Schrotenboer take the lead on this building.”  This felt a little odd.  I was the planter.  Mark had a job and not as much time to be looking into a building.  But, I’m learning about obeying when I hear things like this.  I didn’t tell Mark what I had heard, but asked him to look into it.

Mark came back with a number from talking to the owner.  The number was far more than we could afford.  So, we prayed about it some more.  I was thinking about going back to the owner and seeing if I could talk him down a bit when God reminded me that it was not a job for me to do, but Mark.  So, I asked Mark to go back.

Mark reports this: When I went back to the owner and told him what we could afford he said, “Well, I know your family, and I know you’re from around here, so…I’ll do it”.

So glad I listened.  If I would have disobeyed, it wouldn’t have worked out for us.  This solidifies for me that this is the location that God has for us at this time.

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