Before Embody was Embody, it was an idea, a prayer, a dream, a vision of First Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan.  This is a church that has been around forever, but willing to listen to what God was asking them to do.  So, they voted to start a new church.  The vote was 200-8.  Pretty clear guidance there.

They needed to decide how to go about planting a new church.  They had to decide whether to hire a planter who would then decide where and how to plant or to do a lot of the ground work and then call a pastor to plant the church.  They decided to do the ground work then hire a pastor.

They chose an area where there are plenty of people, but few churches: Laketown Township and southern Park Township.  After this, they called me, Jim.  They knew me because I had been an intern there while studying at Western Seminary.  When they called me I was serving a big church in Orange City, IA.  The call was pretty clear.  Scary, but clear.  So, we cried, packed, put our house on the market, and moved to Holland.

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