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A Healing Parent

Our parent church was the best thing for us.  We were coming out of a situation where we had a lot of pain and injury.  I would love to say I jumped into the job with a vigorous ambition, but it’s not true.  I took a good 2-3 months to just be cared for and learn.  First Church in Holland was a gracious and loving group of believers who nursed our wounds and strengthened us for the journey.

As I write this, after more than a year in Holland, I can see that we are just now starting to completely come out of our brokenness.  I can see that it is, sadly, a big part of who we are now.  Strangely, I wouldn’t exchange it.  I can understand the kind of people we are gathering: people who have been hurt by the church and need to meet Jesus.  My parent church showed me how to do it.  A healthy dose of patience and love.

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